Celtic Reconstruction

Our Tripartite Mission

The Torchwood Nemeton is a teaching Grove of the Order of WhiteOak.

 The on-line home of the Reconstructionist Druid organization, Ord na Darach Gile


Our understanding of the roles of the ancient Druid prompts us to follow them in an involvement in the academic, artistic and political arenas, as well as in purely spiritual and religious matters.

We invite interested individuals from our own Reconstructionist discipline as well as other practitioners of Druidism to join in our discussions. For those who are interested in formal initiation into the Order, participation in the WhiteOak list is a first step toward Fosterage in the Ord na Darach Gile (Order of the WhiteOak).

The Torchwood Nemeton provides specific training in the Arts of Filidecht (Sacred Poetics), Entheogenic Botanicals and 

To discuss with our peers the lessons of ancient and recent history
To study the Brehon Laws of Ireland, the Celtic Mythological Cycles, the Wisdom Texts and other ancient sources
To seek ways to apply this information to contemporary Druidic practice
In particular, we wish to apply the ethical insights we derive from the ancient Celtic past to contemporary concerns; environmental and ecological issues, human rights and social issues, and many other national and international political issues that are of rapidly increasing importance.